All-in-one lottery solution & Continuous innovation

All-in-one lottery solution & Continuous innovation

1.Market analysis: Based on the customer's local market population base, traffic situation, economic situation, Internet configuration, currency fluctuation, etc. Analyze the most suitable for the local market sales channels, award scheme, award process.

2.Operation plan: Allocate personnel, funds and data according to sales mode. 
Instruct how to operate, focus and details of operations. And visit regularly to guide the work.

3.Lottery design: Combined with local market customs and styles, landmark, game themes, customer needs to design the lottery

4.Lottery games:
①Independent research and development of new games.
②Combined with the market to provide games.
③Combined with customer needs to provide games.
④Combined with past experience and sales to provide games.

5.Lottery anti-counterfeiting technology:
①Provide lottery anti-counterfeiting technology for different markets.  ②Continue to develop new anti-counterfeiting technology. 
③Continuously upgrade the lottery operation system and enhance anti-counterfeiting technology.

6.Process development:
①Continue to develop the surface effect of lottery, to provide customers with more choices. 
② Continue to develop new scratch off effect, make lottery scratch feel more comfortable. 
③ Continuous development of new processes to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, cost savings for customers. 
④Continuously introduce new equipment.

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