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Source: Time: 2019-05-31

KingWin provides one-stop lottery program solution, helping clients to develop & launch lottery games, which is helpful especially for new clients and for clients hope to develop new games. Lottery solution service includes lottery tickets design service, game design service, data generation, production service, security solutions and lottery management system.

Lottery Ticket Design is essential for success of the lottery game, which should be inspired by local culture, attractive to audience, complied to game rules, cost-efficient for production, and with security features.

Game Rules are essential for success of the lottery game, which should be fun & easily understood. What’s more, an attractive lottery game may help advertisement.King Win will work with our clients for new games development, including game rules, prize structure, prize data generation, etc., to make the games come true. Classic Games: Lucky Numbers , Match 3 to Win & Luck 7,Sudoku.

Data Generation

When generate the prizes data, we could not be too careful, and multiple testings by program and double checking by client are needed. The data should be strictly complied to prize structure, game rules, and should be expressed with the correct icons provided by clients when printing on each tickets.

when printing on each tickets. A few rules are common requirements from our clients, as below for reference:

- Winning tickets should be distributed to each pack as even as can be, which include not only quantity, but also prize amount.

- Winning tickets should be randomly and could not be expected.

- All winning prizes and quantities should be strictly same with prize structure, no more or less.

- Any other specific requirement, such as big prizes should be appeared in middle and late stage, there will surely be a winning ticket no more than 7 consecutive tickets.

Lottery Production

King Win imported the most advanced digital printers with data control system, UV silk-screen printing systems, and mistake-proofing system to inspect each data on tickets to secure safety and efficient printing service. With more than 12 years experience in lottery printing, now we could supply more than 35,000,000pcs scratch off lottery tickets with colorful scratch layer; 60,000,000pcs scratch off tickets with silver scratch layer; 25,000,000pcs pull tab lottery tickets.

Lottery Management System is independently researched and developed by KingWin, aiming at helping our clients to manage lottery ticket inventory, delivery, prizes claiming & reward, tickets verification, etc, which is system tool serving for successful running of lottery program.

Main Functions:

- Authorization Management

- Lottery Data Management;

- Lottery In-put & Out put, tracking the delivery;

- Lottery Inventory Control;

- Winning Tickets Verification, each winning ticket could be claim reward for 1 time and then expired;

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