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We completed high-tech enterprise application procedures in 2015. We are adhering to the elements of talent which is the most important for enterprise’s development, for anti-counterfeiting into independent since birth Development of the independent innovation, we have a strong IT developers, won the honor such as : the utility model patent of "a new type of cap with security and mobile marketing ", “An anti fake cigarette box structure”,“Semi-automatic stripping machine " "continuous ink devices.” Security to defend the transregional system of software copyright, SMS interceptor management system, a new type of bottled water Randomly distributed software security system, scratch card award, double security system, variable data segmentation software, QR Code encryption system, logical security system and so on. In the area of blow Scratch Cards, tickets, anti-counterfeiting transregional and variable data printing industry, above patents are especially important. We have created a strong and professional staff team with higher education management personnel and professional for many years to ensure the products safe.

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